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Cycling safely around HGVs

London Cycling Campaign provides the most accurate and useful information to cyclists on how they can reduce the risks associated with sharing the roads with large lorries.

1. Avoid cycling in the lorry risk zone at all times

If a lorry puts you in the risk zone, you must move straightaway. Brake sharply if necessary because lorry drivers have most difficulty seeing cyclists in this area, especially in busy traffic.

2. Don't assume a large gap between lorry and kerb is safe

When turning left, large lorries always move over to the right before they swing sharply across to turn. Always stay out of the lorry risk zone near junctions.

3. Take extra care around lorries at traffic lights

At traffic lights make sure you stay behind lorries or get a long way in front of the cab, in a location where the driver can clearly see you. Use the middle, not the left side, of the painted bike box or advanced stop line (ASL).

4. Remember that behind a lorry is often the safest place

Behind a lorry is often the safest place to be. Whenever possible overtake a large lorry on its right-hand side, so the driver can see you.

Lorry safety card

Cyclists must stay out of the lorry risk zone