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These are some of the companies supporting our campaign

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"Fitting mirrors and sensors to HGVs would save so many cyclists’ lives and cost so little" Kevin O'Sullivan, Levenes

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"An excellent campaign, creating greater cycling awareness and safety" Leopard Print

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"Campaigns like this can only raise awareness and make the streets safer for cyclists" Bikeworks

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"As one of LCC’s partners, we're delighted to support the appeal. We hope our donation will encourage other firms to provide the resources to make this campaign a life-saving success for London’s cyclists" TISL

"As architects and designers we fully support LCC’s campaign and endorse responsible building procurement by recommending all our suppliers take part in quality-assurance schemes such as Freight Operator Recognition Scheme." Metropolitan Workshop

No More Lethal Lorries: five-point plan


The London Cycling Campaign 'No More Lethal Lorries' appeal aims to reduce road danger to cyclists. Please donate to our appeal and sign our petition calling for better driver training.

1 Cyclist-awareness training for drivers

All city lorry drivers should be have ongoing cycle-awareness training, including on-bike experience.

2 Drivers must take more responsibility

Authorities must recognise driver responsibility for doing everything practical to reduce risks. Blaming a ‘blind spot’ should be an admission of guilt.

3 Safer design for London lorries

Lorries designed for off-road use should be taken off city streets. The best mirrors, cameras and sensors should be fitted as standard.

4 Higher standards from lorry operators

Quality-assurance schemes such as London’s Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) should be mandatory, and the police encouraged to crack down on rogue operators.

5 More responsible procurement

Companies must only buy haulage services from reputable firms, with government taking a lead in encouraging best practice.

Plus: Better education for cyclists

Cyclists must be given the most accurate and up-to-date information on riding safely around lorries.